NW Travelers

June 20, 2018

In The Begining

It is hard to believe that it was almost ten years ago that this adventure was conceived. In early 2009, Kim (aka DH) and I both found ourselves between jobs, so to speak. We liked NOT working so much that we decided with the right kind of budgeting, we could afford to retire and begin the adventure of full time RVing that we had been dreaming about for a few years. We bought a used fifth wheel and a used Ford F250, and then started and stopped the “full-time” adventure a few times. You know, practice makes perfect. The reason for stopping each time was a good one - GRANDKIDS! Between our travel times, we did some stints as Grandma and Grandpa Daycare. We attempted a re-model and upgrade on the fifth wheel, and found it was not really our strong suit. Too big a project, too little experience. This is all well documented in our first attempt at a blog, which you can read at Diary of a Pair of RV Virgins, if you should desire. Learning from that “adventure”, we made the decision to buy a new rig (2017 Arctic Fox 35-5Z fifth wheel) and a new truck (Ford F450 crew cab dually), sell our home and really commit to this full time thing.

So, with a new truck and a new fifth wheel, we took off in November 2017.

Let’s just fast forward to the present time, shall we? I really enjoy writing. DH enjoys more of the IT process of publishing a blog than I do , but he also does not want it to consume all of his time. I write the blog because I like to share our adventures so that others may learn and /or laugh from our experiences. I’m not into blog writing for generating income. This is why Blogger and I have parted ways. It is why wordpress and I have issues. Too many confusing rules and platforms for me. I set up my own domain back in the days when I was self employed, and although I am no longer working for pay, I still pay for the domain and the space so I decided to use it the way I wanted to — as a place to write about our journey and format it the way I wanted (or as close as DH can come to making it do so).

So here we are, a basic, plain, none too fancy blog where I will share our travels, RV park reviews, photos, maybe some recipes (and if those fail, maybe some restaurant reviews), an occasional pet peeve, and if we are lucky, some words of wisdom. And maybe, just maybe, we will figure out how to allow comments. I hope you enjoy!